WASC Lessons Returning - if you wish to return to lessons please read and respond to this by 10pm Monday 28th September

We are pleased to announce that, after a very long wait, we will be restarting lessons in October. Lessons will be on a Sunday at 3pm or 3.45pm and will cost £26.25 per month. We will need you to restart your standing order, with the correct amount, once we have confirmed your lesson time.
This email will outline the new systems that are in place and what you will need to do before your return.
New Systems
  • We will not be using the changing rooms or showers before the lesson. Children need to arrive with their costumes on under their clothes. Swim hats and goggles should be on before entry. Teachers cannot help children with these so please ensure goggles fit correctly.
  • Entry will be through the fire exit door next to the drop off bay - Door H. There will be markings on the floor to ensure children social distancing is maintained. Children will remove shoes at the door and clean their hands with sanitising gel. Children will then walk to their own bench to remove their outer clothing and get pool ready.
  • The lessons will take place in double lanes to allow for social distancing with each child having a specific start and stop point. Unfortunately there is currently no opportunity to spectate the lessons. Toilets will be available and will be cleaned after each use. There's only one available so please try and go before you arrive at the pool.
  • Five minutes before the lesson ends one parent or guardian will be allowed access to the poolside through the same fire door. They must also remove their shoes at the door and clean their hands with soap. Face masks must also be worn. They will then wait at their child's bench for the lesson to finish.
  • After the lesson, children will return to their benches to meet their parent/guardian. 
  • Parents will then accompany their child to the changing rooms where they can get changed. Showers will not be available after the lesson.
  • Parents/guardians and children will be directed to the main corridor and out a separate fire door. This comes out near the car park barriers.
  • Benches are cleaned before the next group are admitted. 
  • Changing rooms are cleaned before the next group leave the pool.
What we need from you
First, please reply to these emails whether you wish to return in October - Barry Keeling (barrygk41@icloud.com) and Debra Thomson (wasclessons@gmail.com). Then please inform us whether you can make both available swim times. The reply should look something like this:
Yes I would like my child(ren) to return in October - please provide the names of your children
We can make the 3pm session
We cannot make the 3.45 session
If you do wish to return we will then need you to complete this health declaration form for each child. To complete this you will need a Brio number for track and trace purposes. You can use the number on an up to date card or contact Brio on 01606 550700 to get your membership number.
If you have already completed the health declaration form please indicate on your email that this has already been completed. 
Please respond by 10pm Monday 28th September.
We hope to see you at the pool very soon
Michael Secker
Head Teacher 
Winsford Amateur Swimming Club

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