WASC Member Details Update Survey 2024 - to be completed on behalf of ALL swimmers by Sunday 10th March

We are required as part of our 2024 /25 SwimMark submission to complete a Diversity and Inclusivity report. This will be audited by Swim England and is a mandatory ongoing requirement. It is, therefore, important that the attached WASC Member Details Update Survey is completed for ALL swimmers, as it is a key element in getting this review underway.

We would also like to take this as an opportunity for you to update us on any changes to Emergency Contact details and/or medical conditions that the club needs to be aware of. This information may be used at training by the coaches or at galas by Team Managers.

Please complete this survey:https://forms.gle/oidTmaf1aEttTCu58 by Sunday 10th March 2024.


Barry Keeling

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