Transition B to Transition A Preferred Criteria

Promotion is based on 3 areas: Training performance, Racing performance, and Key attributes including; attitude, commitment, motivation, organisation, timekeeping and
being self-reliant.

For all promotions please be aware that coaches discretion is the deciding factor as there are many other considerations to determine a swimmers readiness for promotion. A birthday later in the year may mean target times are harder for some to achieve than others. Likewise we wouldn’t hold a National Backstroke swimmer back if they didn’t know how to dive. Ultimately the coaches will make the right decision for each swimmer on an individual basis.

  • Regular attendance at training
  • Work hard in training, following sets and instructions
  • Can follow basic written sets
  • Can perform turns – two handed touch turns for Breaststroke and Butterfly and a tumble turn for Front Crawl and Back Crawl.
  • Can swim 200m without stopping.
  • Enter Time Trials and Club Championships