Summer Development Meet 2022 - Information for Visiting Clubs

This is a Development Meet designed for swimmers aged 9+

50m & 100m all strokes plus 100m & 200m Individual Medley & 200m Free over 2 sessions.

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and ribbons for 4th, 5th and 6th places. 

There are upper limits (based very loosely on historic Regional Times) but no lower limits (coaches estimates help for seeding purposes)

Age as of 25th June 2022

For full details, programme and promoter's conditions please click here:

You do not need a licensed time to enter, however a coaches estimated time would help with seeding (or put 00:00.00 instead of a time).

You must be 9 years old to enter on the day of the meet and be Club Compete (formerly Cat 2) registered.

Early bird £5.50 per race entry up to 15th March 2022, £6.50 per race entry standard entry rate to 27th May 2022 then late entry £8.50 if space allows up to the 24th June.

Electronic Entry 

A document can be found here setting out how you will need to enter this competition. The format follows previous years but we have also added an older age group to allow older swimmers to compete and get some new times.

Whilst this is a first come first served gala, we are not anticipating it being as full as at Christmas so we are simply recommending you ask your swimmers to get their entries in if they wish to join us. Clubs can still track their entries - please contact contact@swimming.events to do this.

The website for the entry https://swimming.events/meets/191. All information is here and gives you the days left until our closing dates.

If you have any questions about the entry process please contact contact@swimming.events and they will get back to you to respond to any queries. Any technical issues will be best solved with a screenshot of the issue and a full description  of how you got there. We are told this is the best way for them to solve issue. 

An additional admin fee of 50p has been placed on each swimmer entering the gala. This is to contribute to the poolside passes. These will be allocated in the ratio of 1 pass per 10 swimmers. Additional passes can be purchased for £5 each. Individuals and clubs with less than 10 swimmers will still be entitled to 1 poolside pass. All persons poolside with swimmers must have an up to date DBS.


Withdrawals by 12pm on Friday 24th June please. Advance withdrawals are using the 'My Events' section of Swimming Events up to 12pm on Friday 24th June. For all other queries and medical withdrawals please contact wingalateam@gmail.com.


Officials will be needed - if you can help please email Nina at WASCofficials@gmail.com. A meal allowance will be provided.

Roles for Volunteers - If you have volunteered - please check here for your role. This may be subject to change if we have cancellations.

Spectator Tickets

In order to ensure we do not over fill the balcony tickets will be sold - unfortunately with a limit of one per swimmer to give everyone an opportunity to see their swimmer swim. There are 90 seats and is a maximum capacity of 140 on the balcony.

Spectator tickets can be purchased here: https://swimming.events/meets/191 by the person who made the gala entry - only one ticket per swimmer due to balcony capacity, sorry.


Poolside is going to be very busy - please do not bring big bags poolside - leave them in the lockers (or Group Change for Winsford). Brio often do not allow swimmers to have phones poolside either so be prepared for that.

We only have the pool from 11am, access to poolside will be from about 11:15am. Warm ups from 11:40am. Please do not come too early.

Raffle and Cake Stall

We will be holding a raffle and cake stall upstairs by the balcony entrance.

Filming for GCSE and A Level PE

Filming may be taking place for GCSE and A Level PE - if you wish to film for these purposes, or do not wish to be filmed, please email wingalateam@gmail.com asap.


Set up 11am
Poolside/Balcony opens 11:15am (ish)
Session 1 Warm ups start 11:40am
Session 1 Start 12:30pm
Session 1 Finish 3:37pm

Session 2 Warm ups start 4:30pm
Session 2 Start 5:15pm
Session 2 Finish 8:14pm

Heat Sheets

Heat Sheets for both sessions. Printed copies will be available for those that need them.

Warm up information

Please see below for the warm up schedules - starting at 11:40am and 4:30pm

Warm Up Schedule
Session 1Session 2
Warm up 1 Warm up 1
11:40 - 11:50am4:30 - 4:40pm
Co Chester13Co Chester11
Warm up 2Warm up 2
11:50 - 12:00pm4:40 - 4:50pm
Satellites 30Satellites 28
Stockport1Winsford 8
Winsford 11Alsager6
Warm up 3 Warm up 3
12:00 - 12:10pm4:50 - 5:00pm
Winsford 40Winsford 44
Warm up 4Warm up 4
12:10 - 12:20pm5:00 - 5:10pm
Ellesmere Port2Ellesmere Port2
Winsford 11Winsford 11