Winsford Reverse 800m/1500m Meet Information for Visiting Clubs

This Level 3 Meet takes place on Saturday 9th March and is open to all aged 10+ with coach's permission and subject to time availability, however priority will be given to those chasing Regional Times as this event was not available at the Cheshires.

Warm up is at 5pm with a start at 5.30pm.

Race entry fee is £10.

Event 1 is the Boys 800m Freestyle

Event 2 is the Girls 1500m Freestyle.

Closing date is 16th Feb 2019.

The girls 1500m is full with a reserve list. If you do not wish to swim - please contact us asap so someone else can! Reserves will be contacted if a place becomes available.

Programme and Conditions 

The website for the entry is https://swimming.events/meets/13. All information is here and gives you the days left until our closing date, NOT what you set for your club. It should be noted that the sign up process is a one off and for future galas will not need to be done. If you do not have a time for this event, please ask your coach for an estimate and permission to enter at the same time.

If you have any questions about the entry process please contact contact@swimming.events and they will get back to you to respond to any queries. Any technical issues will be best solved with a screenshot of the issue and a full description  of how you got there. We are told this is the best way for them to solve issue. They may be available for demonstrations to clubs, however this is dependent on their time over the next few weeks. If this is requested we suggest this is done sooner rather than later. However they will be posting videos up in the next few days and also be putting more detailed information on the website. We found it fairly intuitive to use. Any constructive feedback on the site can be passed directly to the guys at Swimming Events or to us and we can use it to help make the system even better for future users and clubs who wish to give it a go!

An additional admin fee of 50p has been placed on each swimmer entering the gala. This is to contribute to the poolside passes. These will be allocated in the ratio of 1 pass per 10 swimmers. Additional passes can be purchased for £5 each. Individuals and clubs with less than 10 swimmers will still be entitled to 1 poolside pass.

We need a lot of officials and trainee officials for this event  (2 timekeepers per lane ideally to help keep count) - please help us to run the event -  to volunteer please email luciecg4@gmail.com.

Queries to wingalateam@gmail.com

Withdrawals using the self service system on Swimming Events or to wingalateam@gmail.com by 12pm on the day of the meet

Heat sheet