Membership & Squad Fees (From 1st Aug 2016)

Monthly family membership fees are as follows:

1 member £11.00
2 members £21.00
3 members £30.00

Plus monthly squad fees payable per member:

There is new fee effective from the 1st Sept 2016 for Gold swimmers. This is due to the addition of a 50m training session each month in Liverpool.

Squad  Fee  Increase  New Fee 
Juggernaut £36.00    
Platinum Squad £23.00    
Gold Squad £22.00 + £5.00 £27.00
Silver Squad £19.00    
Bronze £16.00    
Transition Squad A   £14.00    
Transition Squad B £13.00    
Transition Squad C £12.00    
Club Desk

The club desk is open at the Lifestyle Centre at the following times:

Saturday 5pm - 6pm (Rayna Haydon)
Saturday 6pm - 7.30pm (Gill Clark)
Sunday 6.45pm - 7.15pm (Angela Moss)
Wednesday 6pm - 7.15pm (Carol Robson or Gill Clarke) 

The club desk is open at Sir John Deans at the following time:

Sunday 1.15pm - 3pm (Rayna Haydon)


Admission to the pool

Admission costs for all morning and weekend sessions are included in the club and squad membership. Thursday evenings are also included for the Gold Squad.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings an admission fee (currently £3.00 for under 18s with a Brio Leisure Card) is payable to Winsford Lifestyle Centre. This is levied by Cheshire West and Chester Council and is outside the control of the swimming club. For details of the sessions available to each squad, please see the individual squad.

Additional fees apply for some 50m sessions.

ASA membership costs

All club members must become members of the ASA for which an annual fee is payable. This fee is included in your membership cost.

Category 1 swimmer = £14.50
Category 2 swimmer = £32.00

All lessons swimmers are Category 1
All transition squad swimmers are also Category 1
All other squad swimmers are Category 2 (to enable them to compete)


See the lessons page for information on lessons charges.

Membership Enquiries

Please send all membership enquiries to wascmemberscredit@gmail.com.


Membership Form

Standing Order Form

Parental Consent Form

Codes of Conduct Form

Winsford ASC Policy on Photographs

Please complete and hand to the club desk.