Safeguarding our swimmers: Drop off and pick up reminder

As daylight hours get shorter, and with the prospect of the current pool entry and exit systems continuing through Autumn and Winter, we need to address a couple of important issues.

First, swimmers leaving the pool are going directly into the Brio car park area, and, in a number of cases have been left waiting for their lift to arrive. Previously, these late collections had children waiting in Reception with access to a member of staff, but now they could be wandering around the car park alone, in a wet costume in wintry conditions.

Parents or Guardians must be available when children leave the pool area and have a clear pick up plan. We can’t have children waiting outside the building unsupervised.

Secondly, for early morning swimming, parents or guardians should not leave until swimmers are in the building just in case we have any unforeseen circumstances which would prevent the session taking place.

We appreciate that this is a statement of the obvious for the vast majority, but we feel the need to raise it as safeguarding our children is a key responsibility for us all.



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